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For Investors & Traders Wanting To Gain Regardless How The Market Moves....

Discover The Recession-Proof Stock Strategy That Gives Us Above-Average Returns From The Current Down Market!

In this exclusive Live Online Workshop, you’ll learn the EXACT steps  Thomas is using right now to get returns over and over again!

...and why the recent downtrend is good news for small-time traders like you and me!

(Turn up your volume to find out what you'll be learning during our content-packed 2+ hour workshop!)

When you join our live online workshop today, you'll learn the same Formula that helped hundreds of my students get winning returns, even after the market went down recently. I’ll show you step by step how I pick trades that are very likely to give us returns, even in this bear market! (In fact, these give us even more than the usual!)

When you stay all the way to the end of the workshop, you're going to get our never-been-released before "Trading Secrets" course and book (worth $500)

This is only available for a very limited time. So make sure you take action as soon as possible! 

The Current Bear Market Is Very Rewarding... Once You Know How To Trade It!

You're right: The market has indeed entered a downtrend

And that's good news for us!

Here's why...

The stock market never goes up all the way in a single line (anyone who tells you their stocks keep rising all the time is probably lying - run far away from them!).

After trading the market for close to 20 years, I noticed a pattern...

The lower the market falls when it goes down, the higher it'll go when it rebounds!

(Just like the further you pull an arrow back, the further it'll go when you release it.)

Every time the market goes down at the beginning of the year,

Traders have always ended the year on a high (even a bull run)!

Sure, the first 4-5 months of 2022 hasn't been all that great, 

But it was the same way back in 2014 and 2016 - when it was a downtrend at the start of the year.

Which can only mean, a HUGE rebound is going to happen in the coming months!

Traders who know this are already getting in as you read this

Because many top stocks are at discounted prices now, 

Only to make a much bigger gain when they jump back up later this year!

(The gains from these comeback jumps usually blow those from a normal uptrend out of the water!)

But you don't have to wait until that happens...

You can already start getting returns in coming weeks - even when the market is still going down!

Because there's a few stocks that'll shoot up very briefly before dropping again.

With my "Trade to Win" Formula, you'll be able to spot these stocks in just 2 minutes,

And enter them before they shoot up - over and over again!

(You'll also see when it's likely to go down, so you can exit at the highest point for maximum returns!)

That's not all....

Even when the stock goes down, the Formula lets us trade in a way that still gives us gains!

Like my student, Irene who gained from the TTD stock on 8th March this year

Even when the stock was still falling!

Irene got 3.3R returns, meaning 3.3 times of the amount she risked.

Want to get the same formula she and many other traders are using to enjoy gains like this?

I'll break it down step-by-step for you at my upcoming workshop!

Just click on the button below to register!

Here's What You'll Learn During This Content Packed Workshop... 

How to make winning returns in the stock market even if you’ve never made a trade before!

I’ll show you step by step how I pick a trade with a high chance of above-average returns in just a few minutes! 

The 2 undervalued Growth Stocks you must watch over the next few weeks!

There are a few undervalued stocks with a high chance of seeing a jump in their share price. I’ll reveal 2 of these stocks and analysis about why they're on their way up!

An unfair advantage stacked in your favour so you almost always end up with a bigger portfolio than the previous year!

I’ll show you how to end the year with a win even if you’ve been losing to the stock market! 

The 3 crucial mistakes that 90% of traders make that destroy their portfolio

Yup traders are losing thousands of dollars in the markets without knowing.  I’ll show you how you can avoid these 3 mistakes and what you should be doing instead if you want to win in the markets right now! 

How to significantly lower your risk when you enter a trade and still maximise your wins!

Not all stocks are equal. I’ll show you a 15-minute method to screen for the best trades with an extremely low chance of going down (Especially useful for conservative traders!)

How to easily pick up "Micro Patterns" from a chart to know where the market is really going

Many traders focus on Macro-Patterns e.g. moving averages. But do you know that there are little-know patterns you need to pay attention to if you want to win in the markets! 

2 Stocks You Must Look Out For In February 2022

Note: I am NOT necessarily recommending these or any other stock. Instead, I'll be showing you 2 trades that are likely to shoot up soon based on my TTW Formula, and use them to explain why. 

There's 2 stocks that could shoot up like LCID's 47.1% jump in 2021

...as early as later this month!

So now is the best time to start keeping an eye on them. 

During the upcoming workshop, I'll show you what they are 

And use them to demonstrate my Trade to Win Formula.

You'll see how I found them and why they have such high potential of returns.  

If you agree with my analysis, you could even take those trades after the workshop, if you want

And enjoy returns when the shoot up not long after!

Ask Me About Any Stock And Get My Honest Analysis

FREE “Trading Secrets” Book! (Only For Those Who Stay All The Way To The End)

For those that attend my webinar all the way till the end, 

You’ll also receive the latest edition of my bestselling “Trading Secrets” book for FREE!

This 150+ page book is jam-packed with time-tested strategies and tactics that are working in the market right now in 2022! 

Along with what I'll be covering in the webinar, you'll learn strategies you can apply immediately into your trading to see winning returns in no time! 

Here's A Quick Glimpse What You'll Learn From The Book!

3 techniques to find high probability winning trades

Before the trades start to move. Believe it or not, none of the techniques involved following the news or reading the charts! See how it works on page 59.

See overall wins even when you have more losing trades.

This will give you an unfair advantage you need in the markets , even when it's going down. (more on Page 81)

How to actually run a successful trading business

Trading is the most lucrative business in the world. The only problem is that many traders are running their "business'" all wrong. Discover the right way to run your business today! (page 78) 

How to think and trade like a full time retail trader.

I'll pull aside the curtain and show you how my students and I plan my trades and make decisions. (Page 102)

138+ Page Trading Secrets Book (Worth $47)

For those that attend my workshop all the way till the end,

You'll receive my 138+ page bestselling "Trading Secrets" book for FREE in your email!

The book will reveal how you can go from knowing nothing about trading to becoming a full time trader.

I'll show you exactly how you can make your first winning trade and do it consistently month after month, week after week! 

This book is sold for $48 on Amazon, but for a very limited time, you can get it absolutely FREE! 

Brand New “Trading Secrets” Course
(Worth $447)

You''ll also get my never-been-released "Trading Secrets" course for FREE! 

The 20+ videos will cover everything you need to know to get started - from opening your first trading account and making your first trade! 

Along with what I'll be covering in the workshop, you'll learn strategies you can apply immediately into your trading to see winning returns in no time! 

Here's What You'll Discover In This FREE Course & Book...

How to start trading even if you don't have a trading account and never bought a stock before! 

We'll hold you by the hand and walk you through every step to help you get started!

How to easily find trading opportunities in the markets... with a few clicks of a button!

You won't believe how easy it is to find winning trades... especially in a volatile market! 

How to find the right price to buy and sell... Without spending hours analyzing the charts or using a dozen indicators 

I'll show you exactly what I'll do if I want to find out when to buy and sell

And these is less than 10% of what you'll discover in the free course and book!  

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What Our Students Are Sharing About Our Training & Coaching! 

"Confident That The Techniques Taught Are The Most Effective! Appreciate The Sincere Desire To Impart Experience & Expertise!"
"If Only I Attended The 'Trade To Win' Course 2 years Earlier, Trading Would Have Been So Much Easier!"
"A True Mentor Who Gives Value!"
"The Trade To Win Method Is Just What I Have Been Looking For. Thank You Thomas & Seniors For The Support!"
"Online Content Made Learning Much Faster & Easier!"
"Even After The Course, I'm Still Invited To Monthly Webinars & Updated Through Whatsapp!"
"Training Exceeded Expectations! Realised The Mistakes Made In Past Trading."
"Easy & Clear Understanding Of Step-By-Step Instructions Towards Analysing, Entering & Exiting Trades!"
"Firmly Believe That 'Trade To Win' Strategy Can Help Those Who Want To Achieve A Higher Level Of Financial Freedom!"
"Had Zero Knowledge But Now Understand How The Market Works After Using The 'Trade To Win' Strategy!"

Why Is This Workshop Different?

First off, unlike other workshops that spend a good 1 - 2 hours talking about basic trading theory you can easily google online.

Worse, they spend the whole workshop talking about themselves and trying to sell their software or programme. 

I’m not going to waste your time and mine talking about it.

Instead, this is going to be a 2+ hour content workshop where I tell you HOW & WHAT you should be focusing on.

Also, my workshop is based on actual market-tested strategies - No "airy fairy" theories or untested ideas..

If you want to cut through the noise and pick up the fastest way to see consistent winning returns in the stock market.

I’ll show you the step-by-step strategies & techniques that my students and I use to beat the markets,

As well as a showcase of what are some of the top stocks that you should be paying attention to these next few months.

So if you’re a trader that can’t wait to supercharge your portfolio... 

Click on the button below to sign up for my free workshop right now!

Actual trades we did in the last few months (even weeks) 

Step by step explanation of trades and why we take action on them

It’s Time To Start Trading The Right Way Now!

Here’s the thing,

If you're reading all the way to this point, it means you're already trading or you're looking to start. 

Either way, I want you to understand the importance of this workshop.

You’ll finally learn the fastest & most efficient way to trade to win.

But I can only offer you my help, it is your choice whether you want to accept it.

With the opportunity of the still-volatile market, 

You’ll need the guidance of someone who has seen the “dark side” of the stock market and show you the more efficient way to trade.

Now is the best time to fill your head with the correct skills and knowledge to trade the markets.

So all you have to do is make the right decision, click the button below,

And I'll do everything in my power to make sure that it’ll be a workshop you’ll never forget.

See you soon!

About Thomas Yin

Thomas Yin is the trading expert that other experts go to when they want to bring their trading to a whole new level.

He has taught his "Trade To Win" formula to analysts, fund managers, brokers and working professionals from more than 7 countries across Asia. 

As a trader who walks the talk, in a 3-year trading challenge from 2013 to 2015, he made over 50% annual returns on his public portfolio.

In his upcoming workshop, he reveals his trading methodology and the actual trades he has taken in the last few months. 


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